Seattle Police Officer’s Wife asks Patriots to help on July 4th

This comes from a private message we received on The person who contacted us will remain anonymous for her and her husbands safety. She wanted to give perspective on the unfortunate situation for police in Seattle and ask those who are coming July 4th to support law enforcement and carry themselves in a lawful manner:


2 thoughts on “Seattle Police Officer’s Wife asks Patriots to help on July 4th

  1. I dont mean to be a crazy ,but I was a corrections officer for the state of Pa for 20 years. We were taught in our classes about the force continuim. When confronting a hostile inmate, we were told to try to deescalate the situation first. If that didn’t work we were told to use verbal commands to control the inmate. The next step was to take an aggressive stance and give another command. From there it was up to us when to use force, including deadly force. During any of these steps we were using if the inmate became violent (aggressive with a weapon,including a rock, using a cane , throwing a molotov cocktail attacking with a fist ,etc )we were to use any force necessary to dethrone that inmate. If we killed an inmate, we were told to say, by the Pa. Dept of corrections lawyers, that we feared for our life. These steps included destruction of property that may cause injury or death to someone. I hope this will help. These antifa people use our fear of doing something wrong against us. I hope this helps the patriots. God bless. Anifa and Black lives matter are socialist organizations and don’t belong in our country.

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