Trump posts this parody video of Biden and media gets in an uproar

Joe Biden embarrassed himself in Florida during his first campaign stop in the state, and Trump pounced right on it. The Democrat candidate is desperately trying to win over Latino voters, and in doing so, he did a little jig of some sort on stage while playing puerto rican hip hop from his phone. Watch the cringe worthy video below:

It brought back memories of when Hillary Clinton famously said she had hot sauce in her pocket book in an attempt to appeal to Latino voters.

The President retweeted a video making fun of the latest Biden gaffe, but instead of the Puerto Rican song he played, NWA’s F**k The Police is playing.

Joe Biden had come out hard against law enforcement during the rioting.

Heres another video of the candidate dancing

The behavior brought back memories of when Elizabeth Warren danced on stage.

In response to Trump’s NWA parody video posted on his twitter account, Twitter labeled the video “manipulated media.”

The International Business Times wrote an article berating the President for posting a “fake video” on his twitter page.


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