Report: Cali & NY Lockdowns Forced Dem Voters To Red States & Cost Trump Election

a scathing new report by the Prntly executive Board is being published in the coming weeks which will show data that proves Democrats, whether intentionally or not, forced democrat voters to flee to Red States by locking down their own. In doing so, they inadvertently caused the Red states to flip completely blue, costing Republicans the White House and Senate.

While many would wonder why a voter who moved to a Red State would vote for the same party that caused them to flee their home, the report found that this was exactly what a super majority (+90% of influx voters in some counties) would do.

Republicans like to joke online about how stupid California and New York liberals are to move to a low cost, low tax red state and completely ruin it. Now they’ll have yet another reason to make such jokes.

The report will be published in full upon release through with the data sourced.


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