Starving Venezuelan zoo animals let onto street to scavange in Socialist Utopia

Written by our venezuelan correspondent

A series of photographs arrived this Friday that indicate that a monkey from the Caricuao Zoo in Caracas left its captivity on Thursday and arrived at UD-3 of the popular parish, where it was seen eating from the garbage.

Users were alarmed by the incident, and at the time of taking the photos, the animal moved away from the dump to a nearby tree, although it appears near a place where there is waste, with apparent hunger and despair. However, the administration of Nicolás Maduro has repeatedly pointed out that “it is a lie” that the animals at the Caricuao Zoo are starving or in need.

On August 10, La Iguana reported that the National Parks Institute (Inparques) denied that the animals found in the Caricuao Zoo, in Caracas, are malnourished and on the verge of death. Inparques showed that the “false species” that circulated through social networks “to discredit and create anxiety about the fauna in the shelter found in the Parque Recreacional Zoológico de Caricuao”, was supported by a photograph from “a zoo outside from Venezuela”.

While El Nacional reported that reports have been received that the area where the zoo’s garbage is located is collapsed because the urban toilet has not been able to remove the waste due to lack of fuel in the trucks.


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