Bloomberg’s Campaign Website Has A Cover Photo Of People Who Look Unhappy To Be There

Bloomberg’s cover photo for the homepage of his website stands out, but not for a reason he might want. The image shows billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg speaking to an assumed audience. Also in the photo, appear a number of people with Bloomberg For President memorabilia who look like supporters. Except the looks on their faces say anything but. In the carefully picked photo of african americans, women, men whites, hispanics, eldery and teenagers,  their faces all resemble the same expression.

The first is a young men of light brown complexion, possibly in his early twenties. He has a Bloomberg shirt on, but is looking away sadly from Mike speak.

The second attendee has her eyes closed and is pouting.  The third is a middle aged minority male in a suit. He also gives out an unhappy look and stares away from Mike and the camera.

There’s a kid behind them who looks confused. Another teen who looks befuddled on why he’s there. A women also with her eyes closed. And a final young adult who looks bored.

From the look of the photo, not one of Bloomberg’s supporters look at all enthusiastic to be there. Considering this is the image chosen to be on the homepage of his website, one must wonder what the bad photos looked like.



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