Nancy Pelosi Is Becoming Unhinged Before Our Very Eyes

Trashy Nancy disgusted the nation last night when she tore up President Trump’s State Of The Union speech on live Television… behind his back!

Well now we’re getting a clearer picture as to why she did such a tasteless act. And it is telling of a woman who is obviously becoming unhinged before America’s very eyes. One blunder after another by this mad woman and we are never shocked by the latest outrage.

her answer has disgusted Americans who found President Trump’s speech “unifying.”

The White House responded as well

And earlier this year, a photo began circulating online of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on stage at an event in California and appearing to pick her nose. The photo was suppressed for over a decade before surfacing online. The photo, taken by a photographer named Chris Roberts, can be found in the link below.

Nancy Pelosi Picking Her Nose
the link

The photo was reportedly taken on November 25th, 2008.

While it’s not unusual for one to pick their nose, for Nancy to do it on stage in front of cameras has had some raise questions about her mental health. The speaker has had an array of embarrassing moments over the decade involving incidents where her health was called into question.

Losing mental awareness

Nancy Pelosi has through out the years gotten worse and worse on the public stage. Just this year during a press conference, she mumbled uncontrollably in front of the cameras and muttered incoherently. People watching could barely make out what she was trying to say.

the video’s gone viral of Pelosi trying to talk to reporters about impeachment, but failing to come off coherently. She gave a speech to the press about the articles of impeachment and when asked what shes going to do next, had what some are calling online a very peculiar response.

And in another video recorded of her speaking with reporters, she once again comes off incoherent and unable to speak clearly. She tells reporters that she has to save the world from peril.

Our video sources used are from mainstream media pages, so that there can be no accusations of video manipulation. 

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