Sign The Official Petition Demanding Pelosi’s Removal

Thousands upon thousands have signed the petition to remove the disgraceful Nancy Pelosi for her stunt performed during the State Of The Union address on Tuesday night. Pelosi shocked the nation when the she ripped up the speech Donald Trump gave during SOTU. Sign the petition in the link below.

Trashy Nancy disgusted the nation when she tore up President Trump’s State Of The Union speech on live Television… behind his back!

Well now we’re getting a clearer picture as to why she did such a tasteless act. And it is telling of a woman who is obviously becoming unhinged before America’s very eyes. One blunder after another by this mad woman and we are never shocked by the latest outrage.

New footage has also emerged showing that Nancy PRE-RIPPED the speech even before Donald Trump snubbed her. 

her answer has disgusted Americans who found President Trump’s speech “unifying.”

The White House responded as well

And earlier this year, a photo began circulating online of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on stage at an event in California and appearing to pick her nose. The photo was suppressed for over a decade before surfacing online. The photo, taken by a photographer named Chris Roberts, can be found in the link below.

Nancy Pelosi Picking Her Nose
the link

The photo was reportedly taken on November 25th, 2008.

While it’s not unusual for one to pick their nose, for Nancy to do it on stage in front of cameras has had some raise questions about her mental health. The speaker has had an array of embarrassing moments over the decade involving incidents where her health was called into question.

Losing mental awareness

Nancy Pelosi has through out the years gotten worse and worse on the public stage. Just this year during a press conference, she mumbled uncontrollably in front of the cameras and muttered incoherently. People watching could barely make out what she was trying to say.

the video’s gone viral of Pelosi trying to talk to reporters about impeachment, but failing to come off coherently. She gave a speech to the press about the articles of impeachment and when asked what shes going to do next, had what some are calling online a very peculiar response.

And in another video recorded of her speaking with reporters, she once again comes off incoherent and unable to speak clearly. She tells reporters that she has to save the world from peril.

Our video sources used are from mainstream media pages, so that there can be no accusations of video manipulation. 

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22 thoughts on “Sign The Official Petition Demanding Pelosi’s Removal

    1. Please remove her from office she is a disgrace to the House of Representatives and the US office. She has her own agenda and not is what is best for the people, and her health has deteriorated badly and obvious to everyone

  1. I think she is a disgrace to out country she doesn’t care about the people she needs to be removed from office and punished to the extentof the law for her conduct when she ripped up the papers she was mumbling something everyone she ripped the papers. She hates our President.she doesn’t back him at all.

  2. I believe she is going crazy. She is acting like a spoiled kid. She is not trying to help America, but only doing what she wants. She needs to be removed. She did nothing on national tv but act like a child. She was an embarrassment to America. Remove her.

  3. We the people demand the immediate arrest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her crime of destruction of government property of the State of the Union Speech.

  4. I think what she did was wrong and very much child like. I believe she is upset at all the accomplishments President Trump and his administration has done for this country. With no help or support from her or the Democratic party. Makes her and them look bad.


  5. SHE THINKS SHE IS THE QUEEN AND SHE WILL NOT WORK WITH THE PRESIDENT! We need her and her GANG GONE! How is it that no democrats ever get brought to justice!!!

  6. Remove Pilosi,and file charges against Shiff and the rest for illegal persecution of the president, also treason charges against AOC and the other three!!

  7. I would like to know WHY no Dem has been arrested for the illegal stunts they played wasting millions of tax payers money. I for one as an American did not “vote” for money to be wasted this way. The people are the ones who call the shots not Queen Nancy!! Republican’s need to do their jobs are get justice for the people by using the law to stop this cat and mouse game they are playing. Arrest these Mayors and Governors for inciting violence.

  8. we all know the 2020 election was rigged! We the people want a audit of the 2020 election , , there is a pitition to do so ! but Peolosi and the Demirats don’t , because it would clear the house of dishonest demirats!! The audit would put trust into we the people ! It would prove that the ukrain and peolosi and Demirats are using their positions for personal gain! Impeach Peolosi, Biden , Harris, and the rest of the dishonest Demirats for CONSPERICY of a SITTING PRESIDENT ! I bet Trump won ! Why would anyone vote Retards in for president , or vice presiden? Peolosi is in sane and being treated by a Shrink for several years now ! She is on meds ! People demand the truth ! We are Americans , and don’t take crap like this !

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