Dems Want Open Borders, Also Upset Trump Isn’t Doing Enough For Coronavirus

Democrats have been attacking President Trump for not doing enough to respond to Coronavirus. But they also are going on stage calling for open borders with Mexico.

And the left wing media is ripping President Trump for what they see is an inadequate response to the Ebola virus. But if one was to look back to the Ebola outbreak of 2014, then President Barack Hussein Obama was silent for it.

The first case was in Guinea in December, 2013. From there, hundreds of people began to come down with infections. By early spring of 2014, that number was in the thousands. The fatality rate of that outbreak was much higher than Coronavirus, at 40%. And yet, it was not until October, 2014 that Obama finally appointed a czar to combat the ebola crisis.

President Trump meanwhile has already appointed a czar within 90 days of the outbreak.

This isn’t the only hypocrisy by the left. The media was also very vocal when President Trump bombed the Iranian terror General Qasem Soleimani. They criticized him for wanting war and called for peace. President Trump was an irrational blood thirsty war monger they said. But now, President Trump has signed a historical surrender and peace deal with the Taliban. And the media is NOT HAPPY.

After 19 years, the war in Afghanistan is finally going to come to an end. Doing what no other President has been able to do before, President Trump has gotten the Taliban to surrender in a peace deal to the Afghan government. The treaty was signed in Dota, Qatar where the Taliban maintain a diplomatic office and have been discussing a surrender for years.

The Taliban will release over 1000 prisoners held by them. They also vowed to fight Al Qaeda within every square inch of the country that they are in. This is a monumental victory for the Trump administration, who has wanted to bring troops home for a long time now. President Trump campaigned on a platform of ending the “endless wars.”

The deal should be celebrated by all that want peace, but instead, the media has been relentless. Hypocrisy indeed.

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