Facebook TAKES DOWN Event: American Patriots Retake The Seattle Occupation Zone For America

Personal accounts of Prntly founder Alexander Portelli and event organizer Haley Adams were taken down this week by Facebook and today the official event page has been taken down. Facebook has made it clear that organizing a demonstration of American patriotism will not be tolerated.

Prntly and organizers will make comments on the event and plans going forward in the near future. Thank you for those who signed up and care about our country.

EDIT: a new event page has been created which can be found here



5 thoughts on “Facebook TAKES DOWN Event: American Patriots Retake The Seattle Occupation Zone For America

  1. Hey Jodi, ya scared little snowflake libturd?? REAL Americans gonna kick your ass?? I’m a woman and I can probably kick your ass too little wuss! Now, STFU!

    1. You’re clearly a piece of shit of low intelligence. I’m 5′ 9″, 205 lbs, and don’t take threats lightly. If you met me in person, you wouldn’t be nearly as tough as behind your screen there. The only thing I’m scared of is the regression of consciousness occurring in this country, thanks to shallow, ignorant and uninspired people like you. Oh, I’m sorry, did I use too many big words?

      1. Regressive activity is what the mobs are trying to do to history and shouting down any opposing views rather than open and honest debate

  2. It’s time for freedom lovers to move to Minds.com. It may just be the best option to replace Facebook.

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