Airbnb messages host at 2am. Punishes them for not responding

airbnb messaged a host at 2am about a past reservation that the host had. Because the host was asleep and did not respond, the airbnb agent penalized the host by canceling the past reservation as a “host cancelation,” which causes further penalties for the host.

Airbnb has long outsourced their customer service to third world sweatshops where they can pay subhuman wages. As such, their customer service will reach out to guests and hosts often while on opposite time zones.

View the interaction below:

Airbnb is facing a lot of problems. The company lost over half it’s revenue during the pandemic. It also recently cut back it’s customer support even more, making it almost impossible for guests or hosts to get help with issues.

Prntly’s parent company is launching a website called, which will be a free speech and market platform. The site will do numerous things, one of which being a platform for BnBs.


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