The Great Migration: How Largest Migration In History Is Driving Housing Market Prices To The Abyss

The housing market continues to reach unimaginable levels. Each month, rents creep higher than the previous month. Each week, home prices become a little more unaffordable to the average American. And yet, people keep buying, they keep renting, and even though the market adds as many new houses and apartments as they can, hundreds of thousands a year minimum, the demand only increases. For much of the US, a familiar reoccurrence is part of the fuel to the fiery housing market too: the californian buyer.

The Californian buyer is regarded with contempt by many in the states surrounding or within a 1000 mil radius of California. Go to any of the western, northwestern, southwestern, or even midwestern states now and ask realtors where the most out of state buyers are coming from. The answer will always be the same: California.

And yet even as California pumps out a mass exodus to neighboring states, and causing a ripple effect by making those buyers uproot and leave for their neighboring states that are more affordable, the state of California itself doesn’t feel like it’s any more empty from all the millions who’ve left. If anything, it’s busier than ever.

It has led some to question how California is still so packed, and its housing market is so out of control, considering everyone is leaving the state. The answer is simple, and it’s the reason the housing market continues going up, and since the last presidential election has exploded even more. It’s the illegal immigration.

migrants apprehended at the border

California may lose thousands of residents a month, but it gains as many if not more from a mixture of the mass illegals that pour over their border each month, and the thousands of international poor people who are settled in America at the cost of tax payers under the guise of being refugees. By some accounts, the United States, and California more than anywhere, is absorbing over 100,000 illegals and refugees each month. That’s over 100,000 more people who need a place to sleep, a room to rent or a house to rent. And for many of these illegal migrants or refugees, packing together is not something that bothers them. So when a 3 bedroom apartment wants to ask for $5000 a month in Los Angeles, for 10 refugees or illegal migrants living together sleeping on floors or sharing rooms, that price isn’t hard at all for them to meet.

As this mass illegal migration continues, with people from south america, central america, mexico and even africa and asia flying to mexico all coming across the border and into the country, America can only expect that it will Never meet such a housing demand.


One thought on “The Great Migration: How Largest Migration In History Is Driving Housing Market Prices To The Abyss

  1. Same thing is happening in London and the South-East of England…We`re getting about 150,000 hopping over the English Channel from France every single day in rubber dinghies!!….And our lily-livered government puts them straight into Four Star Hotels—It`s costing us taxpayers SEVEN MILLION POUNDS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

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